Dr. Nickel's Animal Hospital Policies & Protocols

For better understanding of how our hospital works to care for your pet.


All new clients must have their pet's history on file prior to the day of their first appointment. Arrival without a history will cause the need to reschedule your appointment.


Dr. Nickel's Animal Hospital requires that dogs be current on their Rabies, DAPP (distemper) and Leptosporosis vaccinations as well as an annual exam to be considered an active patient at the hospital and be eligible for urgent care or emergency care services.

The annual exam, FVRCP (feline distemper) and Rabies vaccinations are also required for our cat patients to be considered active patients who may also be eligible for urgent care or emergency services.

Urgent care and Emergency Services

Only patients that are current with the above requirements are eligible to be seen on an urgent care or an emergency basis.

Patient's will be triaged in order to determine if they need to be seen on emergency or on an urgent care basis.

An urgent care patient will be asked to be signed in and dropped off to be examined in the treatment area.

An emergency patient will be examined in the treatment area and the Doctor will interrupt all scheduled appointments in order to see the patient.

The treatment area is the place in the hospital where patients are hospitalized, treated and recover from procedures. Only authorized personnel are allowed in this area. Clients are not permitted into this area of the hospital.


Euthanasia services are only available for active patients at Dr. Nickel's Animal Hospital.

Euthanasia is provided only for patients who have untreatable terminal disease or when medical or surgical treatment(s) can no longer improve a patient's quality of life. Dr. Nickel will need to perform a full physical examination and review the patient's medical record to determine if this is the proper treatment option.

Dr. Nickel's Animal Hospital will refuse to euthanize patients who do not meet the above requirements.


A client who is verbally abusive or very disrespectful to any staff member is grounds for immediate dismissal from the practice.


Clients who refuse to comply with the hospital's exam and vaccination requirements will be ineligible for continued services.


If you need to cancel your appointment please call us with as much advanced warning as possible. Clients who are waiting on our cancellation list will be most appreciative of the opportunity to be seen sooner.

Late for an appointment

If you are 10 or more minutes late for your appointment with the doctor you will be asked to reschedule. This is to allow each client to receive their full exam time and keep the doctor on time for everyone else throughout the day.

Thank you for choosing us as your pet's health care team.